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Social + Emotional Intelligence: Conflict Management

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

I have had a really inspiring and busy week. I'll take it! Let's call today #thoughtfulthursday for fun. One of those inspiring things, was an article I received from a mentor. She thought I'd appreciate it because this is the same soft skill that's included in the 26 competencies within the Social + Emotional Intelligence assessment, conflict management. Conflict management can certainly feel like an uphill battle at work.

Reading an article like this is a reminder to me that my passion of emotional intelligence and career coaching is imperative. I know I have a gift to give to others in order to make their lives better, more fun and enjoyable, more successful, more passion-filled...the possibilities are endless when you are constantly learning.

If you don't want to read that article on top of this post, I'll give you a summary.

The article shared research of 5,000 employees explaining that the average employee spends almost three hours a week handling conflict management in some form (personal attacks, unhealthy debate or disagreements, bullying, or project failure). Human Resources spends five hours a week on such tension. An astounding $359 billion paid hours wages are annually spent dealing with this issue. You guys, $359 BILLION.

It breaks down three causes - personality clashes and warring egos (49%), stress (34%), and heavy workloads (33%).

The article continues on to explain how you can go about unproductive conflict more effectively.

It takes a lot of awareness, patience, understanding, and optimism to wage through the day and the work week when you are stressed and/or anxious dealing with these outside factors out of your control (depending on the circumstances). My coaching toolkit has a Conflict Style Assessment, so if you are struggling with something as it relates I'd love to offer a free 30 minute session with you so I can talk you through your specific situation. Not only would it help you determine the best Conflict Style that would be best, but it may also provide perspective and insight around a coworker or manager and where they may be coming from.

There are five primary styles according to the Institute of Social + Emotional Intelligence:






I have several book recommendations and visuals as it relates. If you're interested in learning more, I'd love to practice some of my knowledge with your circumstances.

Talk again soon pals!

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