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Is Fear In Your Driver Seat?

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

I think this is often true for many of us. Maybe without any awareness around it. I know this has been true for me. Sometimes it's necessary, often it's not. Typically it's holding us back.

It could be with your career, overall life success, relationships, our health and wellness, and other various buckets in life that provide for us in some fashion. It's innate as humans to want to protect ourselves from failure, pain, disappointment, some kind of loss, or danger. We need air, food, shelter and water. Beyond that, we need love, $$$, and health to the be the best version of our true selves. This means different things for all of us. Each of our minds just went to different places, but it comes down to getting to know ourselves, loving ourselves wholeheartedly for being that beautiful being, and our WHYS!?

What drives you? What gets you excited? What do you love most about yourself? What do you have to share and give to the world? I had to ask myself some difficult questions like this when I was changing career paths. It was, well is, a really challenging journey....a journey I am still on because happiness and truth isn't a destination and I am loving every second of it. I'm continuously working on loving myself and not judging myself just as I am in each moment.

After all, if we aren't authentic in following what these drivers are then how do we expect anyone else to know? To understand? To buy into us in an interview for a new job? To want to buy into your business (if these answers lead to owning your own business of some kind)?

I have realized over time that fear was driving so many of my daily decisions and I was running away from my authentic self instead of into it to discover my own truth. I was scared no one would love and accept me just as I am. An introvert, honest, intuitive, empathetic, direct, innovative, unique, and the list goes on. I was being the opposite - that's how scared I was to be my true self. I thought I would be letting everyone around me down. I instead became a version of myself I created in my mind of who I thought everyone else wanted me to be. Being a people pleaser can be crippling, and often we need to ask why we are doing it. How is me being someone I only THINK everyone else wants me to be serving anyone, including myself? If these people really love me, why on earth would they suddenly reject me for BEING ME? That's ridonkulous right!?

Truth and vulnerability is a HARD THING. You feel naked in front of the world - maybe I should speak for myself here.

But what is holding you back RIGHT NOW from following your driving force? If the answer is some kind of fear....fear of rejection from disapproving loves ones who don't understand your goals, fear of failure, finances and bills holding you back like student loans, or fear of success even....instead ask yourself, what if I am successful? And will the world end if I'm not? What are my options and how can I not let $$$ hold me back? What if you just did it and proved everyone wrong, but just did it for yourself? Maybe they were just jealous of your talent and courage to follow your passion anyway. It's a them problem and not one you are in charge of. Or maybe they just really don't understand and your success will become your message that they will understand in their own time and way, but in the meantime you've followed your heart and now never have to question, "what if...?". AND maybe then, without intentionally doing so, you'll help them see that they can do the same and remove fear from their own driver seat.

Live by example. Do it for yourself. Abundance will follow in ways you can only currently imagine. Get moving.

Think of someone you love and admire most. Write down their name. Write down why you admire and love them so much.

I imagine they are someone you want to be more like, in one way or another. So what one thing can you do today to be your more authentic self and live by example in order to be YOUR best self and kick fear out of your driver seat?

(....because....#foodforthought #mynewjingle)

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