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Imposter Syndrome

When you are in a chapter full of growth and change that's leading you to your goals (aka active and engaged awareness of personal and professional development - if you'd like a visual, you are acting as a MASSIVE SPONGE), it can happily be mentally exhausting.

You are intaking so much newness that there's endless brain activity processing it. It's exhilarating, especially when it's something you are so enthused and passionate about. Maybe you are starting your own business full-time or as a side hustle you love, starting a new job, moving, starting school and furthering training and education in your field, checking off travel goals, getting married, starting a family (maybe this even means getting a dog, or a plant in my case ;)), or maybe it's just a new self-development book that's making you dig deep into beliefs, thoughts, patterns, and behavior that's not serving you. Any NEW experience that requires adaptation and learning. It takes time.

Sometimes within this chapter of growth and change, I've noticed it's common that I experience what many know as Imposter Syndrome. It means you doubt your capabilities within an accomplishment you have achieved and have fear surrounding thinking you are a fraud. I would imagine this can be a common experience for any kind of leader or anyone learning a new role or skill of some kind. Why and how am I qualified in ______ [insert whatever field or topic is coming up for you]?

Have you felt this?

It's such a vulnerable moment. Your insecurities rise to the surface even after such an incredible confidence boost of receiving the opportunity.

It's absolutely human. All of the negative self-talk comes up. For me, what naturally arises is unworthiness or feeling undeserving even though I have worked incredibly hard and strategically to accomplish exactly where I am.

I experienced this for, what luckily was only, a couple of hours. I actively chose to experience it, ask why, and let the emotion pass through. This begins to create a pattern of awareness that will allow space of acknowledgement, and bettering yourself and your thoughts. I reminded myself that I am exactly where I am meant to be BECAUSE I worked to get here and become the badass lady boss that I am. Yet, I still have so far I want to go. I am still becoming who I want to be simultaneously. NO ONE is perfect. The more we lean into our fears, insecurities, and what's uncomfortable, the more we are striving to become exactly who we are meant to. That is, of course, if it's pushing you to become more of who you authentically already are AND the best version of that self.

Tell yourself, my journey is my journey, and I simply need to take in all this new chapter has to offer. You can use these phrases in morning affirmations that help create these new patterns of thought as well. I swear it makes a huge difference. When you are creating that foundation for yourself daily, nothing about your day can shake your confidence and authenticity.

There's so much yet to come. There's so much to learn, but I must be patient and honest with myself along the way because it's a process with no set or specific destination. Happiness is not a destination, nor is success. Life is a journey so why not enjoy the ride and better yourself along the way? There aren't many things we have control over in our life besides our effort and attitude (I just heard that on a podcast this week - I think it was Amanda Bucci or Lori Harder's!? I can't remember now, but they are both AMAZING woman to listen to when you are going through almost any topic I've covered on the blog so far!)

Hope everyone had an AWESOME weekend.

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