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Communication: Beliefs -> Thoughts -> Actions

Hearing this thought process for the first time really hit home for me. So much so, I must share. Our individual belief systems as humans, ingrained in us throughout childhood, or developed throughout life experiences lead to the thoughts we generate, and therefore become the life we live and have. We consistently find anything that supports these beliefs and thoughts because then we can continue living in comfort as opposed to changing beliefs that don't serve us most in order to get what we really desire.

Think of it this way, if you have a a silver Honda Civic, I bet you notice more silver Honda Civics than someone who does not.

I've realized how important this is in regards to communication. We communicate with ourselves, loved ones, coworkers, roommates, baristas, waiters, those in our communities and organizations we are involved in, sometimes strangers and friends of friends. The way we talk to ourselves and others becomes the vibes and energy we send out. Do you have a friend that makes you feel drained after hanging out? A coworker you have to work with that's a total negative nancy and it wears on you? Do you have a selfish family member that drives you nuts at every holiday together? That's the definition of bad energy! They are projecting whatever internal struggle they are going through. We all have our battles.

We also have a choice. We have a choice to laugh at ourselves when we mess up. We have a choice to find a solution to a problem instead of complaining about it. We have a choice to work on our shortcomings, childhood traumas, or maybe we are going through a dark and difficult chapter in life. We have a choice on where we spend our effort, and the attitude we have about it.

When you take the wrong exit, what negative self-talk comes up? Do you get angry? Does it ruin your mood entirely? Or do you shake it off and laugh at yourself for having to "flip a bitch" as I say? :) No one really wants to be around someone who gets unpredictably angry about the small things. If you lived to tell about it, why not decide to ask yourself...wow that was challenging, but what did I learn? How can I move onward and grow from this? What can I vow I won't do again because of this experience? Life is a set of given experiences anyhow. Why not make the very best of it?

I'm surely not trying to sound like this is something that happens at the flip of a switch or so easily. I've been miserable at a job that I loathed and I wasn't the most fun person to be around, but I did something about it. I owned it, and I acknowledge it. I learned from it. I grew from it. I'm a better person because of it. I won't make those same mistakes again. I'm so grateful for the experience or it wouldn't have led me to the incredible people I work with. Often I realize too that the difficult chapters allow us to enjoy the happy ones.

I encourage you to think about what beliefs you have that aren't serving you. The ones that aren't serving you or are causing you negative emotions, what thoughts are generated because of them? How is that playing out for you?

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