A little about me, what I do, and why "Introvert Uncensored"

Are you wanting to let go of limiting beliefs that hold you back from accomplishing the results you want in life and relationships? Do you often find yourself getting in your own way? Are your relationships or relationship skills rocky? Do you want to increase your emotional intelligence (EQ) in order to see positive growth and change professionally and/or personally?

I have a passion for being a healthy guide to clarity, and to support clients in building EQ competencies (self-management, self-awareness, relationship management, relationship/other awareness) so you can reach your full potential. I have found EQ competencies to be the secret sauce to every day joy and strong relationships. I want you to have the life you want verses what the cage of your mind believes is possible right now. I have done and continue to do this work myself, and I know how hard it is to do alone. Having a coach (AND sometimes a therapist as well) to help support your unique journey is pivotal for results.

I chose "Introvert Uncensored" because I am an INFJ aka I am introverted (though I'd say I'm a bit of an ambivert). This is information on my personality generally speaking. Throughout my career, relationships, school, and life I've struggled with feeling like a misfit yet I forced myself to "fit in" with the crowd and societal expectations. I also discovered that I was wearing so many protective layers to be someone that I wasn't because I thought the layers were actually skills creating success. Instead, I was hiding (I still play hide and seek sometimes). I have found that many people can identify with this in one way or another. It's one thing to develop skills professionally and personally that serve us, but it's another thing to feel like you're behaving inauthentically in order to achieve something that your true self doesn't even align with or enjoy on a regular basis. Hence, I came to "Introvert Uncensored" to act as a regular reminder that I can be respectfully authentic, and also be my spicy self.

Within my blog posts, I am creating a community that is a safe place to relate to everyday challenges, grow through vulnerability, removing layers, leaning into who you really are, and ultimately maintain positive self-talk to continue trekking ahead in self-improvement one day at a time.

I am on this journey with you. Together, the possibilities are endless.

To see what I’ve been up to, browse my site and explore what excites and interests you as well.

Contributing Author for the Institute of Social and Emotional Intelligence

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